Any guests arriving more than 10 minutes late for their scheduled appointment may be asked to reschedule for a different date.   


We truly believe in our products and want you to be completely satisfied with the hair care prescribed for you. If you purchase a product and feel it isn’t the right fit for you, we will gladly exchange it within 8 weeks for credit towards another product. We do not issue refunds on any products. 


Tools may be returned within 3 weeks of purchase for a credit towards products. After 3 weeks the warranty issues must be communicated with the manufacturer, following the warranty guidelines set by the manufacturer.


Your complete satisfaction is our highest priority. If you are not completely satisfied with your services please contact us within 5 days to schedule an adjustment appointment.  Due to the nature of some services, this guarantee may vary.  We do not issue refunds on any services.

*Please note that at no time will we knowingly perform a service that could damage your hair. We assume that you will freely provide all important information about your hair without prompt and that you will answer all questions about your hair and its previous treatment/s truthfully and without withholding information. Withholding information may cause unforeseen damage to your hair (which we are not responsible for) or require us to adjust the types of services necessary to process your hair resulting in additional service time needed, a service rescheduling, or a higher/different service price.

PLEASE NOTE: Versed Salon is unable to place gratuity on credit card transactions. Gratuity may be either cash or check.


A guest may no show or last minute cancel (less than 24 hours before) their appointment with our salon  1 time.  After that initial instance Versed Salon does require a credit card on file in order to schedule any future appointments.  If a client no shows/last minute cancels beyond the 1st time, we will charge 50% of the scheduled service to the card.  If a client no shows/last minute cancels 3 times we will respectfully ask that they begin a relationship with another salon.